The Perks of Being a Pescaterian went to explore a new restaurant to try their lunch menu. The venue is in a gorgeous location facing Poole harbour, with all the tables having the most breath-taking view.


World known Loic Gratadoux is the Head Chef, famous for creating and presenting some of the best sea dishes in Europe. We chose breaded crab, which came with avocado puree and garlic sauce. From the consistency to the taste, this dish was one of a kind. It’s the perfect combination of crispy outer and succulent inner.

Harbour Heights Hotel Review

This is quite an ‘indie-dish’, meaning it’s one of a kind, perfect for the adventurous type. The portion was big enough to satisfy your craving whilst still leaving you wanting more.

harbour heights hotel food

It was then onto to the main course featuring pan-fried sea bream. This was the star of the show, laid gracefully on some courgette spaghetti and saffron quinoa. You would know by now that we’re not fans of the latter but whatever Loic did to it, it worked, making it delightful enough for us to consume in one go, leaving nothing on the plate. This two-rosette restaurant did not let us down and thanks to such elegant and distinct cuisine it easily gets 5/5 for us. A 2-course meal is £19.50 and we suggest you book in advance since places fill up quickly.


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